# 10 IND the GYPROC Drywall Sanding Block ~ seems to work on grout too

# 10 IND the GYPROC Drywall Sanding Block ~ seems to work on grout too

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This product has a storied history. In Quebec, our customers’ clients dubbed it, "l'éponge a ciment"—the cement sponge—because they discovered that you could float cement with it rather than using a trowel.

Later, we learned that people were using it to sand drywall joints. This goes back decades before “dustless” compound was marketed. The GDSB tremendously reduces that hated renovation remnant ~ the ubiquitous white dust that seems to permeate every corner of the abode, for months.... WHY?

Because you use it wet .. the moist dust is now much heavier and falls straight down instead of floating around.

Just recently, I gave an unpackaged GDSB to a neighbour. A few days later, I listened to his voicemail stating that our grey sponge sucks for drywall, but is great for grout. ???? Of course, I had to visit him. I discovered that he had forgotten to wet the sponge before sanding the drywall. He hadn't given up though, and as he was installing those modern, fancy, foot by foot tiles in the bathroom, he just loved the density and consistency the #10 gave him when smoothing the joints of the grout lines. Who knew? We may have to repackage this same item for that market segment.

HACK: Because you are using it moist, you don't have to wait for the grey to disappear before feathering out your joints ~ a real time saver when the job has to get done before the in-laws arrive.