# 10 the great grip car & truck washing sponge

# 10 the great grip car & truck washing sponge

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Alright, why do we have two car and truck washing tools in the arsenal?

The problem: our long standing car washing sponge (10XL) was just too unwieldy, even if it was smaller than the competition’s versions. That is why we would never make a sponge as big as the ubiquitous “peanut sponge.” If we made a product that big, even with the easy-grip narrow section, it would end up being like washing your car with a barbell. It would just hold too much water! 

Why? Because our double-blown membrane structure is what gives bioBobs their incredible capacity for absorption and retention. Considering  that the 10XL, holds over two pounds of water, we speculated that it might be best to introduce a svelte version so that no one would be denied the pleasure of sudsing their favourite vehicle into cleanliness.

If you pair up your car washing #10 with a non-stick Ned, (or Tub Tuffy) safe-scrubber for your chrome, you have the start of a car care kit. Add a small pored #5, or #7, for applying vinyl protectant, and you now have what it takes to baby your car, both inside and out!

Over 7 1/2 long and over 2 inches thick, we pared down the width to just over 3 inches so you can grip easily and still have a hefty car washing tool.