#7 counter buddy

#7 counter buddy

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Grab this one to do dishes, or clean up spills, or remove stains on your counter tops.

Rest assured: the micro-pores will help whatever soap you choose to get the job done more easily.

Whether spraying, or using dishwashing liquid, we always recommend applying your product on your biobob, rather than the surface - it prevents staining.

The 7 is thick enough to absorb spills, yet thin enough to lower the break in period significantly.

Remember, except for the safe-scrubbers, the entire bioBob family gets better as you wring each one out, and use it over and over.and over...

Almost 5 1/2 long by 3 1/2 wide gives you more surface area than the hand-size and the thinner profile ( 1/ 1/4" ) makes it easier to wring out.