# 9 walls floors ~ any spill ~ anywhere

# 9 walls floors ~ any spill ~ anywhere

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About 5 years ago, we introduced the present #9 as a thinner version of our wall and floor sponge. We left the large surface area intact, but figured that this thinner option might be popular – we were wrong!

Not only was it popular, it totally killed the sales of our 9XL (the original, thicker version). .

This is one size that comes with a caution, as it is ideal for picking up spills, we have to warn you here that dog pee will kill our bioBobs. Even if you rinse right away, somehow that special liquid just does our product in. So, if you have dachshunds, be warned, our sponges will survive them, but probably not for the whole year.

Like the 10s and 10XLs the #9 is over 7 1/2 inches long, the width matches that of the 10XL at almost 4 3/4, and the thickness is over an inch.