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scrubob your "baking soda buddy" (SAFE-SCRUBBER)

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Formerly known as non-Stick Ned , the scrubob is best used with baking soda for all sorts of hard to clean surfaces that you need to scour without damaging them -  made from our especially dense industrial grade of foam which doesn’t act as a sponge at all (until you’ve used it for months anyway). Safe for all “non-stick” surfaces and especially handy for "ceramic / glass" stovetops.  Can be used safely on all surfaces: even fiberglass, chrome and shiny plastic.

Great for coffee and tea stains!

USE WITH BAKING SODA FOR AMAZING RESULTS - Does your stove-top have burnt in stains? Just pre-soak them with a wet teatowel overnight, (or a couple of hours)  then pull off the towel, add used baking soda from the fridge... still takes elbow grease, but way easier. Wipe up excess baking soda with a regular bioBob or the very same towel!

For a glowing, extra shiny stove-top, I highly recommend the Wipe and Glow!