Wipe and Glow MADE IN THE USA

Wipe and Glow MADE IN THE USA

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My introduction to this product was a "guilt gift'... I was in a Ottawa location of a store, happened to meet one of the owners and plied him with a bunch of bioBob samples. I think he knew that his buying team in Toronto would be hard to deal with, so he gave me a gift back: my first Wipe and Glow.

Once I tried it, and realized how good it was, both quality wise, and for Gaia. It didn't take me long to track down Karen, the importer, and arrange to distribute them for her.

From TVs to reading glasses - even my faucets, the product is well named and it means using no Windex, or anything but water to get the job done. The only time you use soap is to get the cloth clean... I use diluted dishwashing liquid, rub a bit, let it sit for five and then spend time rinsing it really well ~ IT'S THE LACK OF SOAP THAT MAKES IT SO STREAK-FREE. Think about it, no residual chemicals that dry and can leave streaks.

Like our bubbly biobob line, these also improve with use.